Center for Clinical Pharmacology

About the Center for Clinical Pharmacology

St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have joined forces to find better, safer, and more effective ways to use prescription medications to improve health.

Researchers from the two institutions have come together and created the Center for Clinical Pharmacology, established in August 2015.

Crossroads of Precision Medicine

The center brings together resources and researchers to engage in patient-focused inquiry. While contributing to the deep understanding of the mechanisms of action of drugs, researchers at the center are identifying strategies for the development and application of new treatment paradigms.

Through the study of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacometrics, drug development, and drug regulation, work at the center is generating knowledge through which health care professionals will provide patients with the most appropriate, cost-effective, personalized diagnostic and treatment options.

The academic opportunities available to faculty, researchers, and students also ensure that patients benefit from the development of highly skilled and specialized professionals to manage their acute or chronic illnesses.

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